a party, a surprise, a 5k, and a flødebolle

Hey, so unless someone changes their mind, I’m officially a student blogger for DIS! Nice!

I had a great time at M’s going away party. I went early to help her with cooking because she planned a truly ridiculous amount to make for everyone. J-curry, kakuni, miso soup, egg rolls, cabbage rolls, rice. It was a lot, and she was actually planning to make more, if you can believe it. But we had such a nice time cooking. I haven’t actually cooked here yet and it’s so much more fun to cook something you can enjoy with others.

After dinner, we all decided to go out to Nyhavn and see if there were any events going on. Someone had got a tip about a DJ at this one restaurant, so we meandered over there. I wasn’t drinking but I was with my friends who were buying drinks, and this woman asked me a question about my sweater. She was with this man who told me my English was good (lol) and we started chatting about where we were from, what we were doing here, etc etc. And then this guy goes,
-I’m originally from Minnesota.
And so naturally I say,
-Oh, I go to school in Minnesota!
And then:
-No way, which school?
-Macalester, in the Twin Cities.
-………..are you serious
-yes why
-i, uh, actually graduated from macalester

And so, that is how I met a Macalester alum (who didn’t even study abroad in Denmark) at a little DJ event in Nyhavn that I only went to for like two hours.

(my selfie taking leaves a lot to be desired but it’s in the spirit of documentation)

I got home late but still sober, and I woke up for my 5k feeling decently alive. Even though it was only a really casual parkrun, I was looking forward to it. Registering online to run 5 km and running 5 km on your own just hits different, I guess. Nice people, flat track, and it was over before I knew it. When we queued up to register our times after the finish line they were handing out flødeboller, which are these marshmallowy, meringuey, chocolate covered sweets. I will not reveal what my time was because it was not very good, but I will reveal pictures of my half-eaten flødebolle because it was very good. It was the perfect snack to conclude a weird choice I made last week.

~*stay tuned for*~

  • i promise i’ll actually talk about academics. i’m having a great time with classes i promise. got 2 presentations and a study tour comin up
  • danish friend i recently met’s birthday party
  • my birthday? september 10th,,it’s virgo season baybeeyy,,,
  • an interview to volunteer at a cafe in frederiksberg
  • i just booked train tickets to munich in october (cough just in time for oktoberfest cough)
  • a daytrip with a DIS friend pending for next weekend

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