exaltation for copenhagen friends, exaltation for beer, lament for late nights

An intensely non-academic post because ~that’s showbiz* baby~

(*the nature of study abroad)

I’ve had a great, if bizarre, week. On Tuesday I met someone (not from DIS) who’s also half-Japanese and has been living in Denmark since January, and we got to be friends pretty quickly. Good thing too, because in a cruel twist, she’s FLYING HOME SUNDAY :((

So I met her (I’ll call her M for kitschy brevity) later at Nyhavn 17, which is this bar right on the canal. It seemed a bit touristy but a friend of hers works there. I got to know M’s friend too and she was incredibly nice, so it was just a really pleasant time. M showed me some nice food stall places nearby afterward, and then we went back to Nyhavn 17 to meet up with another one of M’s friends. More friends and mutual friends showed up and we had to move to a long table and we really just drank and talked for a few hours past responsible for it being a Tuesday night with class the next day.

M invited me to a music bingo night with everyone on Thursday. I was happy to see the people from Nyhavn, and M’s boyfriend and a few others joined as well. The concept of music bingo is simple: bingo cards with songs written on them, they’re playing the songs, and two hours of unlimited beer. I drank a lot of beer in this span of time. This was an absolute delight for me, and yet it was also my first mistake of the night.

I usually drink quite well (uhhh don’t consult any of my friends back home to confirm, though). However, here there’s no halfheartedly nursing a Hamm’s until it goes flat and undrinkable midway through. Here the beer is goddamn delicious and I have a tendency to just down it until I realize it’s too late (especially when it’s cheap– or worse, free). This, combined with the fact I’m barely 5’2″? And then someone ordering three cocktail pitchers?

As acutely realized when I was hauling myself to the metro at 7:45AM, I may have made an Error™ last night. So I guess I have to relearn how to drink. God! Like an infant!

(side note: I did tell myself I would be a Health God all week to prep for my 5k on Saturday which went out the window pretty quickly. But I did manage to do my practice run lightly hungover on Wednesday. At this point my expectations are low and I’m mostly just hoping I don’t die on Saturday morning.)

Regardless, I’ve been having a great time. I feel really lucky to have been able to branch out of DIS and to have gotten to know some amazing expats, locals, students, etc, who happen to be in Copenhagen at this particular point in time.

beer n bingo

Tonight is M’s going away party, I’m helping her cook (she planned a very ambitious Japanese spread), her friends I’ve met (and haven’t met!) are going to be there, and even though the circumstances are a bit sad, it should be really nice. (dare i say….. hyggeligt?) Heading out now. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

stay tuned for

  • the party!
  • whether i die on saturday morning
  • academic reflections of some actual substance (and there’s a lot to report)

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