Hi, I’m Amy!

I’m a junior at Macalester College, but this fall I’ll be in Copenhagen with the DIS Study Abroad program in the Global Economics Core Course. I’ll probably make my way out of Copenhagen too.

Some things I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Being able to continue working on economics while studying abroad
  • Getting comfortable in and around Copenhagen
  • Traveling outside of Copenhagen as much as I can (this is my first time in Europe, actually)
  • food
  • Carting my film camera around with me for that good good physical documentation
  • Maybe getting a job or volunteering?
  • And finally, the things I can’t predict or specifically look forward to right now

this is an “about” section

  • I’m from Vermont (NEK, if u kno u kno). I’m not a quoter but there’s a line from East of Eden that’s along the lines of “people are most proud of their homes when there’s little to be proud of.” Steinbeck really didn’t need to call me out like that. I love my tiny, cold, scraggly, and sort of dry Northeast Kingdom.
  • I’m an American/Japanese dual citizen. I lived in Japan for three years and then spent a couple of summers there after that. I haven’t been back for a while which sucks big time, so fingers crossed that’ll be my next trip.
  • I can speak English and Japanese, and I’ve been taking Russian at Mac for two years. (I was excited to go to St Petersburg and Moscow for the Global Econ study tour so it was sort of a bummer that those locations were changed, v ready for Vienna and Bratislava though.) I’m excited to pick up some Danish this fall.
  • In economics I’m interested in environmental economics and residential+commercial real estate rental markets, both of which will be interesting to study in a different urban context. I also really want to incorporate ideas and frameworks from economic sociology in my studies and understanding of econ in general, so that’s another thing.

Anyway, will update periodically. Vi ses!