some strangers, a wedding, and a witness (me)

Small update: I’m on my lunch break and just got out of City Hall, where I was witnessing a wedding for two people I had never met before in my life.

It’s actually not that weird or even that cool, I was just on r/copenhagen at around midnight a few nights ago and someone posted about needing a witness for their civil wedding on Thursday in the afternoon. My sleep-addled brain thought “hey wait, I’m free Thursday afternoons” and so on their post I replied basically that. Very straightforward.

They got back to me pretty quickly after that, and so today after my morning classes I headed over to City Hall, which is absurdly close to campus.

Copenhagen City Hall has this BEAUTIFUL space upstairs reserved for weddings that I didn’t know about (for understandable reasons).

The couple came from a different country to get married because the marriage process in Denmark is quite easy, apparently. The other witness was a Dane but just came to the Copenhagen area recently. The four of us waited in the room and talked for a while until the person who does marriages (? I don’t know the job title) came out to grab us, and then it was in and out of the room in about 10 minutes. We took some pictures together and headed our separate ways.

Now that I think about it, no one asked us to sign anything, which seems weird. I’m half-waiting for a frenzied text about needing to go back to City Hall to sign the document. But maybe it’s part of the easy Danish marriage process they came here for, so it might be fine? Anyways.

I’m glad they let some random American student take part in their wedding, and I wish them the best on their newlywed adventures. Congratulations!

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