how to: catch a cold

Think you’re not gonna fall victim to the jarring transition from warm (w a r m) late summer temps to crisp fall weather, huh? The rain every other day without any warning? The three day class trip in close quarters with your classmates for hours on end whether it’s in the bus or a hostel? Weekend crowd at the bar? Morning rush on the metro? Not washing your hands as often as you really, really should be? (guilty)

I really thought I could manage to not get sick abroad. I am a fool.

If you’re studying abroad I have a few sosososo small things to add to your packing list:

  • ibuprofen/acetaminophen (basic meds like this are pretty expensive here)
  • cough drops (you can buy them but i did Not want to go out and find cough drops and was glad i had some)
  • any other cold/flu remedy you have (for me it’s zinc tablets, if you take it as soon as you think you’re getting sick it reduces the time/intensity that you’re sick)

I brought these not out of the spirit of preparedness, but mostly because I was also moving out of my apartment and decided I might as well bring them. My other tip would be to buy your sick day foods ahead of time if you can (rice and canned fruit for me) because I did not and it was rough!

Anyway, I feel a lot better and less delirious than I did a couple days ago. I firmly attribute this success to the luck of getting sick over the weekend and not having/making any plans, because I was sleeping as much as humanly possible. I’m off to go buy some rice.

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