late night posting: roskilde

even with a busy day i can’t sleep, here are some photos from said busy day:

Jiwon and I met in Roskilde this afternoon to walk around. It’s around 40 minutes by train from where I live and the regional trains are not well marked but I made it regardless (redemption, I suppose, from my Køge mishap from blog post #2).

(the duality)

Anyway, here’s a quick recap.

  • We didn’t go to the Viking Ship Museum but we did look at the viking ship replicas on the docks, as well as a workshop you can walk into where they build boats. I want to build boats now, goodbye economics!
  • Roskilde Domkirke is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which I didn’t know! It’s a brick Gothic and Romanesque cathedral (thanks informational plaques!) with some confusing Renaissance/Neoclassical elements seemingly tacked on. The only things I know about architecture are from my high school AP Euro class so if anyone can tell me why it is Like This, please let me know.
    Unfortunately it was closed for multiple weddings. (Weddings have been weirdly prominent this week for me, I guess.) We learned this when we asked someone sweeping up rose petals and rice into a pile in front of a door, and we also learned that the door we were trying to enter through was reserved for kings and queens of Denmark, which was honestly not something either of us was expecting to hear. The door is v dramatic and looks like this:
(this is a stock image, i didn’t get to take a picture)
  • The parks and green spaces in Roskilde were so pretty, I was glad today ended up being sunny and warm (it’s been raining and chilly for the past week in Copenhagen). I know I live directly across from a big park and down the street from a big lake but still, I miss my rolling hills and forests sometimes.
  • Overall, Roskilde: neat!

I will sign off with a v basic picture of me utilizing the colorful walls I wish were more commonplace in the States as a backdrop, contrasted with a picture of me tearing up a little bit with a cat that ACTUALLY came up to me when I did the “pspspspsps” thing. Goodnight!

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